Navigator Petroleum Consulting Corp. provides services to both domestic and international Operators and Non-Operators in the oil and gas industry.

Joint Venture Audits

Navigator performs audits of Oil and Gas Wells (Single, Multiple and Units), Plants, Facilities, Tie-ins as well as Major Construction Projects for the following audit categories:
  • Capital
  • Production
  • Operating Costs (Allocations)
  • Revenue
  • Royalties
  • 13th Month Adjustments & Equalizations
  • Excess Capacity Calculations
  • Change of Operatorship
  • NPI (Net Profits Interests)
  • NCI (Net Carried Interests)
  • Farmouts
  • Payouts

Vendor Audits

Navigator performs on a regular basis, audits of vendors utilized by Operators. Below are a few examples of areas of focus:
  • Contract compliance regarding rates
  • Contract compliance regarding personnel and equipment utilized
  • Perform physical inventories for site inventories where applicable
  • Scrutinize employee time sheets
  • Vouch delivery tickets

Due Diligence Auditing

Navigator performs audits regarding Statements of Adjustments Pursuant to Purchase and Sale Agreements. We have conducted audits ranging from $5,000,000 to $3,000,000,000. Specific areas of focus typically are as follows:
  • Cutoff audit with a focus on pre-effective date costs
  • Proration of annualized costs such as Lease rentals, property taxes etc.
  • Ensure proper accounting for oil inventories
  • Audit of costs charged during transition periods.
  • Ensure proper handling of 13th month adjustments for plants etc.

Internal Auditing

Navigator performs internal audits which have often been on a special custom basis as requested by clients. The following are few examples:
  • Construction Project Audits
  • Field offices
  • Forensic audits
  • Inventory Control

PSC (Production Sharing Contract)

Navigator conducts audits of Net Hydrocarbon Accounts which are more commonly referred to as Cost Oil or Cost Recovery Accounts. These accounts are established and maintained pursuant to the terms of Production Sharing Agreements. Examples of specific areas of focus are as follows:
  • Allocation of G & A
  • Allocation of Head Office and affiliate charges
  • Withholding Tax gross ups
  • Liftings & Entitlements (if product taken in kind)
  • Depreciation
  • Partner added costs
  • Transfer pricing utilized by the Contractors

Contract Evaluation

Navigator provides analytical support for the impact of contract terms, and assist in the negotiation of major contracts on behalf of Operators, other contract participants and foreign governments.
  • Production Sharing Contracts
  • Joint Operating Agreements
  • Purchase & Sale Agreements
  • Major Construction Contracts
  • Plant Agreements

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